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  • Dark mode in your web pages

    How to make your web pages look great with dark mode on operating systems Apple introduced Dark Mode at the WWDC in 2018, which changes the tonalities of the entire operating system to adapt to low-light environments. This functionality can also be applied to the web pages that we view…
  • How to get JSON data with Python

    Nowadays, many data sources that our applications consume come in this format. I'm going to explain how to get data from a JSON file with Python. First of all, we're going to generate a JSON file to read later with our Python program. In my case, it's based on a…
  • Using Broadlink RM with Homebridge

    En esta entrada te explico como centralizar el control remoto por infrarrojos de tu casa con broadlink rm. Un dispositivo compatible con Homebridge
  • Capturing network packets on iOS

    n this guide, we'll show you how to capture network packets on iOS step-by-step to help you diagnose and resolve connectivity problems. There are many tools that allow us to capture packets on different operating systems, including Mac. However, in mobile systems and especially in iOS, this task becomes a…
  • Pagination with Spring Data

    Pagination is a common requirement in web applications where you need to show a large number of items on a page, but you don't want to overwhelm the user with too much data. In this article, we'll see how to use Spring Data's built-in pagination support to easily implement pagination…


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