Cima Horizons

2020 May

Cima Horizons is a leading technological innovation company that specializes in creating immersive experiences. In order to showcase the company’s vision and services on an online platform, I designed a webpage that reflects the company’s modern and avant-garde spirit, captivating visitors with its unique and elegant design.

Constructing and structuring the Cima Horizons webpage was an intriguing challenge, as the company had just started its activity and did not have a previous portfolio to display. Rather than simply presenting a list of services, I chose to turn the webpage into a tool for teaching and promoting the technologies and solutions that Cima Horizons offers its clients.

With an educational focus and exposure to real-life case studies, I carefully designed each service page, providing detailed descriptions and practical examples that allow visitors to understand the scope and potential of Cima Horizons’ solutions. In this way, the webpage becomes a window into the world of immersive experiences, inviting users to explore and discover how these technologies can transform their projects and businesses.

The Cima Horizons webpage is built using Gulp, a tool that allowed me to generate compiled JavaScript and optimized HTML, ensuring a fast and seamless browsing experience for users. The result is an online platform that not only stands out for its modern and attractive design, but also for its ability to convey the innovative spirit and passion for technology that characterizes Cima Horizons.

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