Digital Business Hub

2023 January

Digital Business Hub is a website created for the City Council of Granada (Spain) with the aim of gathering information and automatically evaluating the level of digitalization of local businesses. The platform helps identify areas for improvement and provides personalized recommendations to boost the digital transformation of businesses in the region.

The website features a form divided into different sections, where companies answer various questions. Based on the answers, the system automatically calculates the company’s digitization percentage, compares it with that of other companies, and offers personalized suggestions for improvement.

Digital Business Hub is built on Wordpress and offers an administration panel where City Council technicians can review the data of each company and propose specific actions to increase their level of digitalization.

The biggest challenge of this project was addressing the high number of possible scenarios, as the recommendations are generated based on the form responses. To achieve this, I designed a complex weighting and calculation system using PHP, which offers personalized recommendations to each company according to their needs.

Digital Business Hub is a perfect example of how technology and web design can be used to support the digital transformation of businesses and foster local economic growth. With my experience in developing web solutions, I can help you create projects that drive change and improve efficiency in your community or business.

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