HL Hogar Limpio

2021 June

Hl Hogar Limpio is a website designed for a startup that offers occasional on-demand home cleaning services. The website features a detailed form that allows users to create and manage cleaning appointments for their homes. In addition, in the private area, customers can modify their appointments, add comments or communicate directly with cleaning staff.

The administration panel, built in WordPress, provides administrators with a calendar that shows all booked appointments. From here, they can manage employee schedules, holidays, communicate with customers, send emails, and much more.

The biggest challenge in developing this website was achieving customization of the form to adapt it to the client’s needs. To achieve this goal, I had to make a series of modifications to the plugins used, ensuring they met the client’s specific expectations and requirements.

Hl Hogar Limpio is an example of how effective web design and customized functionality can facilitate the management of on-demand services, improve the user experience, and optimize internal operations. With my experience in web development and adapting solutions to specific needs, I can help you create successful projects that meet your customers’ needs and optimize your business operations.

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