2022 February

An innovative wedding planning application available on both iOS and Android that will revolutionize the way couples design their special day. Lienzo is a one-of-a-kind tool that provides users with complete control over every detail of their wedding, from selecting the venue to crafting the guest list and choosing the menu.

The standout feature of Lienzo is its 3D engine, which allows couples to fully customize the setup of their wedding table. Through a gamified interface, users can select and adjust linens, chairs, cutlery, glasses, plates, centerpieces, and more, creating a unique and immersive experience in the planning of their event. Lienzo takes this personalization a step further by allowing users to place the already designed table in the actual setting of their wedding, using 360 technology and 3D rendering, so they can visualize and experience the space exactly as they imagine it.

Furthermore, Lienzo features a React-built admin panel that provides administrators with complete control over the status of each wedding. From this panel, they can modify the available menu, assign furniture to each user, and much more, facilitating the management of each event from start to finish.

Lienzo redefines the wedding planning experience by offering a more intuitive and immersive solution for couples, allowing them to design and visualize their wedding in real-time and with an unprecedented level of detail.

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