Nano Montero

2022 October

Nano Montero is a website developed for a visual producer who required a visually striking online presence with advanced scrolling technology, similar to that used by Apple or DJI. The design stage was critical in this project, where I worked closely with the client’s design team to ensure that all sections of the website had a polished and attractive appearance.

The main challenge in creating this website was developing the scroll animations. To achieve this, I created the animations in video form in After Effects, and then extracted the frames as images and uploaded them to the website. The animations were adapted for each screen format, ensuring a visually consistent experience on all devices.

Since the website required the loading of more than 200 images, it was crucial to optimize each one to the maximum. The “lazy” loading of the website and the use of small-sized images allowed for a high-quality scroll animation experience without sacrificing the page’s loading speed.

Nano Montero is a perfect example of how careful web design and the implementation of advanced technologies can create a striking and unforgettable user experience. With my experience in web design and the development of customized solutions, I can help take your projects to the next level and create unique experiences for your users.

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