2022 January

OnPlay is one of the most innovative applications I have worked on, with the goal of using real-time pattern recognition to superimpose augmented reality information on any surface. Available for iOS and Android, this application built in Unity employs the Vuforia pattern recognition engine to analyze the surface of an object and position a video on it with millimeter precision.

What makes OnPlay unique is its ability to dynamically display buttons and links, depending on the pattern it is recognizing. This allows for the overlay of informative or promotional videos specific to each object, offering a unique and personalized augmented reality experience.

The greatest challenge in developing OnPlay was allowing the addition of new recognizable patterns in real-time without the need to update the application. To achieve this, I designed a complex cloud-based pattern recognition system using AWS. Through artificial intelligence and image recognition, the application identifies any surface and queries the cloud if there is a similar pattern to what is being observed. If found, it downloads the information and plays the corresponding informative or promotional video.

This innovative approach provides nearly infinite scalability in terms of the number of patterns that can be added without compromising the performance or stability of the application. OnPlay is an outstanding example of how augmented reality technology and pattern recognition can be used to offer unique and interactive experiences. With my experience in developing innovative applications, I can help take your projects to the next level and surprise your users with advanced technological solutions.

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