2021 November

SayFly is an application designed to facilitate the booking of luggage pick-up and delivery services for air travelers. Built in Python with Django software, this application allows customers to hire the SayFly service by completing a form with their data and making the corresponding payment. Additionally, the application calculates the cost of the service in real time based on the number and type of luggage added and integrates with external services such as the Google Maps API to optimize service efficiency.

The biggest challenge in developing SayFly was integrating the application with the Stripe Payment platform. I managed to implement a solution that provided a transparent and secure payment experience for the user, without interrupting the flow of use of the application.

SayFly is an example of how a well-designed and functional application can improve the user experience in logistics services and facilitate reservation management for travelers. With my experience in application development and integration of payment solutions and external services, I can help you create effective solutions that meet the needs of your customers and optimize your business operations.

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