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2022 February

Lienzo is a wedding planning app for iOS and Android that lets couples fully customize their wedding, from the venue to the table setup. With a 3D engine and gamified interface, users can adjust every detail for an immersive planning experience. Lienzo also offers 360 technology and 3D rendering for a realistic preview, and has an admin panel built in React for easy management.

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Virtual Housing

2021 December

Virtual Housing is an app that allows homebuyers to visualize and customize their future homes before they are built, optimizing the purchasing process. The app’s key feature is the ability to customize finishes and furnishings from home, streamlining the process. The app’s development focused on achieving high-quality visuals on low-end mobile devices. Virtual Housing revolutionizes the home buying and personalization experience.

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2021 November

SayFly is an application that streamlines luggage pick-up and delivery services for air travelers. The app calculates the cost of the service in real time and integrates with external services like Google Maps. The biggest challenge was integrating the Stripe Payment platform. SayFly improves the user experience and facilitates reservation management for travelers.

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2022 January

OnPlay is an innovative app that uses real-time pattern recognition to display augmented reality information on any surface. The app dynamically displays buttons and links based on recognized patterns and uses a cloud-based pattern recognition system for scalability. OnPlay showcases the potential of augmented reality technology to offer interactive experiences.

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Cima Horizons

2020 May

The Cima Horizons webpage reflects the company’s modern spirit and provides an immersive experience for visitors. Rather than simply listing services, the webpage educates visitors through detailed descriptions and practical examples, inviting them to explore the world of immersive experiences. Built using Gulp for fast browsing, the webpage effectively conveys the innovative spirit and passion for technology that characterizes Cima Horizons.

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Digital Business Hub

2023 January

Digital Business Hub evaluates the level of digitalization of local businesses and provides personalized recommendations for improvement. Built on Wordpress, the website uses a complex calculation system to generate customized suggestions based on form responses. The platform supports the digital transformation of businesses and fosters economic growth, showcasing the power of technology and web design

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Nano Montero

2022 October

Nano Montero is a visually striking website developed for a visual producer who required an advanced scrolling experience similar to Apple or DJI. The scroll animations were created in video form in After Effects and then adapted for each screen format for a visually consistent experience. The website’s more than 200 images were optimized for maximum loading speed without sacrificing visual quality. Nano Montero showcases the potential of advanced technologies in creating unique user experiences.

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2022 April

MiRevive is a WordPress website that offers customized canvases using OnPlay’s augmented reality technology. Users select a canvas type, upload an image and a video, and resize them to fit the canvas. The biggest challenge was optimizing the post-purchase process, which was overcome with a custom WordPress plugin. MiRevive showcases how to combine innovative technologies with e-commerce solutions to offer unique experiences.

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HL Hogar Limpio

2021 June

Hl Hogar Limpio is a website designed for a startup offering on-demand home cleaning services. The website features a form for managing cleaning appointments and an administration panel for managing employee schedules and customer communication. The biggest challenge was customizing the form to meet the client’s specific needs. The website showcases how effective web design and customized functionality can optimize operations and improve the user experience

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